Termite Control in Los Angeles County, California

You’ve likely heard that termites are one of the expensive pests to encounter. Termites commonly go undetected for longer lengths of time, quietly ruining your structure every day, month after month, and year after year. Termites are going to consume cellulose-based components which just happens to be in lots of properties.

However, there are other challenges in relation to termites and not simply for the property. Termites may also cause damage to foundations, household furniture, books, and a lot more.All these workers are only 1 cm up to a few mm long but this doesn’t impact the extensive harm they will easily contribute to.

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Defense & Prevention of Los Angeles Termites

You can avoid termites using the appropriate protection and prevention measures, which include eradicating wetness and possible food resources for termites. We’ve listed these particular suggestions for ensuring the best possible termite defense for your structure:

  • Repair leaks; faucets, water lines, air conditioning units, etcetera.
  • Make certain rain gutters are free of obstructions or debris and flowing correctly frequently.
  • There must be a slight downward slope in the yard all around your base to be certain water moves away from your structure properly.
  • Get rid of any unnecessary mulch or coverings you might have situated close to the property’s exterior.
  • A roof that actually works efficiently will not have any standing puddles or water present so investigate it often.
  • Air vents often go unchecked and need to always be free of congestion so investigate these once in a while.
  • Close off any possible access points in the plumbing in order to prevent pests from obtaining admittance indoors.
  • Place screens on all outdoor vents that do not already have one.
  • Remember to keep required wood debris (lumber, etc.) a good distance away from your property.
  • Frequently inspect your deck and fencing for warning signs of termite destruction.
  • Your foundation and crawl space should not have any lumber, papers or wood in the vicinity of it.

Termite Signs in Los Angeles

There are particular warnings to look out for that can indicate a present termite dilemma. Signs of a termite dilemma include a swarm of winged insects (termites) temporarily inside the house, termite frass (droppings), hollow wood or wood that sounds a bit hollow if you tap on it, dirt tunnels and tubes on the outside walls, or perhaps the wings abandoned by swarmers; usually observed near doors and windows.

In case you have made an effort to examine your property but still aren’t confident termites are not there, or you prefer protection from a professional; we are here to assist you! We can easily schedule a termite inspection or a treatment for those who have already validated active termites. Call us at (310)461-4798 today!