Stink bugs are interesting looking pests that many cannot identify right away. Their shape is unique and resembles a shield and their name stands true as they emit a foul odor when threatened or accidentally smashed. The majority of stink bugs are actually plant feeders so if you have vegetation or crops nearby you might experience a stink bug infestation.

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Los Angeles Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

This is the most common sink bug in the Los Angeles area and the one our stink bug control Los Angeles exterminators have treated properties for the most as of late.

This particular kind enjoys vegetables and fruits so keep an eye on your crops because if the stink bugs find them, they will have a nice feast. They simply choose a piece of produce and begin feeding on it, however it won’t eat a lot and it will then wander off, leaving the produce with scars as it continues to grow.

While they like vegetation, sometimes they end up indoors as well. You might be noticing them on your home’s exterior close to Fall and that’s because they are in search of a nice warm shelter for the winter months ahead.

If your home has any small cracks or crevices the stink bugs then have easy access inside and you might not even notice them. Often times when they do find their way inside they will shelter in the crawl space, attic or even inside the walls. When Spring approaches you will likely start to see them coming out of hiding; navigating throughout your home!

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