Los Angeles Flea Control & Exterminator

Having problems with fleas? If so, we understand the frustration that comes after the discovery of a flea problem; nobody should have to endure that! Taking action against a flea problem as soon as you notice a problem is the key to eliminating a lot of hassle and stress. However, should the fleas remain unnoticed too long to get a handle on the issue yourself, our flea control Los Angeles exterminators are ready to help.

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Attack fleas right away for the most effective relief!

Los Angeles Fleas

Fleas are small wingless pests of reddish brown color that jump from host to host. While animals are often the carrier of fleas, even if you don’t have pets you could end up with fleas. Wild animals and critters can easily be infested with fleas and when they travel through your yard the fleas could then find their way inside your own home.

Signs of a Flea Invasion

Many times households with pets will end up with a flea issue at some point. The most common way of discovering a flea┬áissue is by noticing your pets scratching a lot or seeing what looks like ‘dirt’ on a pet or their bedding, which is actually flea feces. Or you might be getting bit yourself but never actually see the flea because they’re small and very quick jumpers.

What to Do About the Fleas

There are many things you can do in the home to help control a flea problem and that includes vacuuming daily in addition to washing all of the bedding where fleas may be present. Unfortunately, you might have to also clean upholstery if they have infested the living area, for example. Our flea control Los Angeles technicians can help you learn more ways prior to having our exterminators come and treat the fleas. Just call (310) 461-4798 today to learn more!