Los Angeles County Cricket Control Services

You’re likely battling a cricket problem if you’ve come to this page and Top Choice Pest Control is ready to help.¬†Many different crickets might be spotted around the Los Angeles area and while many times they aren’t an ‘issue’ when they do become one our cricket control Los Angeles experts are here to help.

Cricket Control Methods

Preventing the crickets from having an opportunity to invade your space is the best way to increase your chance of avoiding cricket issues. Crickets will hide in small crevices and cracks so depending on where they have invaded the property and how bad the infestation is, professional treatments might be required for relief.

Tips for Preventing Los Angeles Crickets

Clutter & Moisture in the Home РCrickets love a lot of clutter and also a lot of moisture. If you have piles of clutter in an area and crickets find their way inside, they will likely enjoy your clutter more than you do.  Clearing out any excess clutter and ensuring proper moisture levels in areas of the property where moisture is often high (attics, basements, crawl spaces, etc) will lower your risk of a cricket invasion.

Sanitation & Landscaping – Crickets also enjoy a lot of foliage and grass and a yard makes a perfect oasis for crickets. Keeping your hedges and shrubs trimmed and using minimal mulch or ground cover can help prevent cricket problems.

Make Your Home Pest Proof – There are lots of ways the crickets could have gained entry to your home but many of these entries can easily be found if you know what to look for. Any weather stripping that is damaged or non-existent allows crickets and other insects inside. Holes in window screens is another ideal entry point and doors and windows are the key places crickets enter homes. Cracks and crevices found throughout the home could also be allowing crickets to enter but these can be sealed and fixed easily with caulk. One of our pest inspectors can help you identify potential entry areas and recommend the best method for fixing them.

To learn more about our cricket control Los Angeles treatments or to speak with one of our pest professionals just phone Top Choice Pest Control at (310) 461-4798 today!