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Wasps are certainly a prevalent stinging pest in the Los Angeles area and one lots of people are less than fond of, but would prefer over more serious stinging insects. The appearance of a wasp depends upon the type it happens to be but the majority feature two pairs of wings and squeezed waists.

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Some specific wasps are social and prefer to live in colonies, like bees, and may range from hundreds to 1000’s in one colony. Females are in charge of needs in the colony and take care of the offspring. Solitary wasps don’t want a colony as they would prefer to live independently. They also leave their eggs to hatch alone once laid and carry on with their daily duties.

Los Angeles is home to both aggressive and parasitic wasps. The upside to aggressive wasps is that they execute and consume many other pesky bugs that they use to provide for their larvae. Parasitic wasps can lay offspring in a spider or caterpillar so the larvae may easily feed on the live host.

Never assume all wasps are aggressive but the ones that are will surely drastically hurt if they sting a person. Having said that, wasps actually have the ability to sting again and again, not just once, if provoked. Wasps are actually a plus towards the environment for the duty of preying on several other pests that damage landscape plants and flowers and vegetables.

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